You Made My Day!

Wow!  I was blown away yesterday with cards in the mail.  I thought it was my job to send cards to my friends and family.  I was out of town for several days – more of that in tomorrow’s post – and got home yesterday afternoon.  I gathered my mail and was so excited to see I had to handmade cards in the mail.

Last week I hosted a number of ladies in my monthly card class.  Several of the ladies were new stampers to me.  I love making new friends!  Two of the ladies sent me thank you notes for the experience!  Really?  I have notes for them to include with their stamp orders when I deliver them later this week…….and yet, they sent beautiful handmade cards to me.  Check out one of the envelopes.  It’s addressed to The Fabulous Suzanne Taylor!  I couldn’t help smiling really big when I saw that and feeling so so happy!  I saved it because every time I look at it, it makes me smile again.  Thank you Hope and Melanie!!  You made my day!

It was a wonderful surprise and a great reminder of why I do this.  I love making other people smile and feel good with my cards.  I need to do more of that because I have hundreds of cards in my card boxes.

Don’t forget to send cards.  We never know what others are going through.  Sometimes it’s hard stuff, sometimes not, but the struggle for most of us is real.  Send a handmade card and brighten someone’s day.  To quote my friend Keri – It was hugs with a fold in the middle!  So true.

Make someone’s day.  Send someone a handmade card.  If you need to replenish or start your stash of cards, I can help you with that.

My schedule for February –

Tuesday, Feb 13 – card class at Audubon Recreation Center in Garland.  You will go home with 8 beautiful cards and matching envelopes.  Cost is $20 and you must register through the City of Garland or at the Rec Center by Friday, Feb 9th.

Tuesday, Feb 27 – monthly card class at my home.  You will go home with 8 beautiful cards (different cards from the ones made at the Rec Center) and matching envelopes.  Cost is $20 or free with a minimum order.  Please RSVP to me via email or text by Friday, Feb 23.

I have some a few openings for private classes if you are interested.  Let me know and you can come to my home or I’ll come to you.

If you would like to be added to my email list to get notices of my classes and other events, let me know.  I’d love to get to know you and help you make someone’s day.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.  I hope something you find here makes you smile!

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