Sunday is coming!

Most of my posts are stamping related but please indulge me this one today.  I went to my church this morning and heard one of my very favorite pastors preach. The message was challenging and incredibly comforting. As he talked about all the things Jesus went through this week leading up to his death and resurrection, he talked about how incredibly bad things looked on Friday. He was betrayed, beaten and nailed to a cross and eventually died. Things looked really bad. But those around him had forgotten that in 3 days everything would change. On Sunday, he was resurrected and appeared and brought to fruition all the prophecies that talked about our Savior and the Messiah. Sometimes things in our lives are really bad. They look overwhelming and like there is no way out. What we have to remember is that while it might seem like that Friday, Sunday is coming!  The best really is to come for those of us who are Christ-followers. It might not be this side of heaven, but the best really is yet to come.

We all have stuff in our lives to deal with. But Sunday is coming. It makes my heart happy even on those dark days when I feel so alone and my worry about things seems overwhelming. Sunday is coming. This will pass.

I don’t know what you are dealing with, but if you don’t have the assurance that the best really is to come, I would love to talk to you and tell you about Jesus and what he means to me.

I went to my church this morning first and heard this great message. Then I went to First Baptist Rockwall and hear their special guest Scot Cameron sing. The message there was on one of the beatitudes and I was so glad I heard it. Tonight I went to First Baptist Dallas and heard their special guest Sandi Patty in concert.

My heart is overflowing. It’s been a great day!

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