Real Birthdays Deserve Real Cards

stack-500x365[1]Real birthdays deserve real cards……..  It’s so true!  Let’s join the movement to give real cards on birthdays.  Remember to send me your birthday and I will send you a real card – a beautiful, fabulous handmade card.  And, join me on March 19th at 10 am at my house to make a supply of real cards.  We’ve got 12 beautiful cards planned.  You will go home with a variety of cards, including masculine designed ones, and matching envelopes.  Register today!

Here is the info again:

March 19th 10 am at my house

Makes 12 beautiful cards, including envelopes

Cost is $30

Yummy snacks provided

Door prizes, too!

Register by March 12th – that’s this Saturday.  Don’t let the time get past you.  This is a class you will really enjoy.



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